Usage: Daily use for Col/ileostomy care, suitable for bigger size stoma, e.g. swell stoma after surgery or loop-stoma.

should match to same size BAO-Health Skin barrier

Products feature:

1. Anti-leakage coupling system

2. Odor-free pouch film, noiseless

3. The filter can handle the pouch swell easily

4. Dry touch feeling with the nonwoven cover of the pouch

5. Rotatable when install on the skin barrier


1. Maximun cutting: 80mm

2. Pouch size: 15cm x 29cm

3. With filter

4. Water-resistance nonwoven cover (single side)

5. Pouch color: transparent or beige

6. Integrity magic closure


20pcs/box, 20boxes/ctn


1.   Lock ring: Flexible PE material

2.  Pouch:  5 layers extuded odor seal film

3.  Color: Transparent/Beige

4.  Filter: Active carbon bar filter



1.   Pouch size: 15cm x 29cm

2.  Match to BAO-health skin barrier

3.  Ring size: 80mm

4.  Volumn: ≥550ml

5.  with filter

6.  Intergrity magic closure

Key advanced

1. Odor-free in both dry or moisture situation

2. Noiseless and very soft

3. Safety-seal technology, can endure 20kgs sudden pressure.

4. Easy install on skin barrier

5. Rotatable when install on the skin barrier

6. Intergrity magic closure


Safe lock system

BAO-Health uses Anti-leakage lock system for connector between skin barriers and pouches.

In the dailylife, pressure by occassion is unavoidable put on the pouch surface. The lock system allows patients install the pouch by just a slight finger pressure. The pouch will keep safe onto the skin barrier without belt, avoid leakage which usually happened by poor connection between skin barries and pouches

BAO-Health is very care your safe using experience

No Odor No Distance

Uncomfortable smell always troubled ostomies a lot.

BAO-Health uses soft film which can seal odor inside the pouch tightly. No smell can be felt even in very close distance.

The odor-seal function will not be influenced by the high moisture inside the pouch, and can lasting a longtime until you change the pouch.

BAO-Health pouch allows you embrace your life and those who you loved without distance.

High-Thoughput Air Filter

BAO-Health use High-Thoughput Air Filter to avoid pouch balloon.

Intesting air will go through the bar filter quitely and fast, with no smell leak out.


Intergrity magic closure

BAO-Health provice intergrity magic closure.

With safty grid design, the two parts of the magic closure can tightly pressed together. It gives a security that the user can feel when closing.

Plastic closure parts easy to clear up when it's get dirty by accident.

Also no need to worry the tightness will be influence when the closure parts get wet.